SDT Holdings is a Montreal-based Canadian technology holding company, whose primary business operations are conducted through its subsidiaries SDMT and SDET. The parent holds the intellectual property and licenses it to its subsidiaries while providing management, administrative, legal, and accounting support.

The Company strives to develop a portfolio of enterprise that aims to build a safer, more sustainable, and equitable development industry while offering innovative solutions.

The subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of industrial battery technologies and electric Material Handling Equipment (eMHE) to assist industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture in reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. To further advance SDT’s vision of reducing the carbon footprint and improving industrial manufacturing operations in this sector.

Electric heavy duty vehicles
Industrial Batteries

SDT has at the helm of its team of visionary thought leader focused on making the Company a top developer of technology for the industrial market. Providing sustainable solutions is at the core of our work and we strive to become a leader in innovative, ethical, and environmentally conscious equipment and services for major industries.

We match the demand for technological growth with solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation industry, create safer workplaces with clean technology, and enhance current practices with predictive software. We achieve this through our three subsidiaries, who specialize in the consultation, development, and implementation of our industrial market solutions.

SDT puts our communities first, and will continue to earn the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, and customers by embedding our goal of a sustainable future at the center of everything we do.


The world is struggling with the effects of climate change and the industries we depend on, such as mining, construction, agriculture, and transportation continue to rely on fossil fuels. These major industries need solutions designed for the significant power requirements of heavy machinery, in addition to reducing health risks associated with using diesel fuel and the harsh conditions in which the equipment operates. Major industries need to bridge the gap between the growth of global production and the demand for environmentally safe solutions. Through its subsidiaries, SDT is attacking the problem head-on.

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Here’s what we see our company achieving over the next decade:



Bridging the gap between the industrial sector and the technologies of the future


Eelectric heavy-duty vehicles for the industrial sector so that industries such as mining can stop using diesel-powered equipment.

Alpha Battery

Develop state-of-the art battery technology for heavy duty vehicles


Create and increase the company’s value with a diversified portfolio of income and assets.

Sustainability and Equitable Vision

Together, we must build a globally sustainable development world by reducing the most significant environmental impacts in the industrial market through thought leadership, innovation, and sustainable technology development. SDT develops and brings to market pollution-reducing technologies that provide sustainable economic growth in environmentally responsible ways.

By protecting the environment, supporting ethical business conduct, and working with integrity, passion and innovation, we will advance sustainable research and development on a worldwide scale.