What We Do

SDET is a Quebec-based enterprise that specializes in the research and development, prototyping and bench-marking of industrial batteries. The company also produces low-cost, high-performance battery cells designed for a wide range of heavy-duty industrial electric equipment.

In other words, you have the vision, we have the power!

SDET is focused on contributing to a sustainable world through electrification of the industrial sectors in mining, agriculture, construction, and other transportation industries. With the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting ecological business conduct, SDET is a catalyst for sustainable economic growth.

Through research and development, bench-marking, and the manufacturing of specialized cells, battery packs, battery management systems, and other products in this field, SDET aims to build an ecosystem where mined raw materials and recycled used materials are used to create high-quality battery products. The finished products have no reduction in lifespan, autonomy, or performance, maintaining the integrity of the recycled battery. All primary material that is used is local to Canada.

These batteries are designed for heavy operating equipment that is demanding on energy and autonomy – the current market’s batteries cannot sustain and support these requirements. SDET develops batteries that are designed to withstand these criteria in electric equipment used in mining, construction, and agriculture. The largest cell manufacturing market is currently in China, and SDET aims to create an equally successful market in Canada.


  • Development of Heavy-Duty Industrial Cells and Battery Packs


Industrial Cells

The Alpha cell is designed for use by high voltage heavy-duty overweight electric battery-powered vehicles and equipment. SDET offers customized cell designs, including engineering, fabrication and maintenance.

In partnership with SDMT, we are currently in discussions with partners regarding the creation of a network for our battery strategy to support the development of a battery from partially recycled materials without any reduction in autonomy, lifespan or performance.


Alpha Battery Pack

We assemble the cells into a battery pack with a battery management system which monitors the equipment’s battery in real-time and creates data analytics intended to empower the longevity and achieve best performance of the battery. Predictive maintenance analytics break the barrier of failure.

In addition, our batteries are designed to operate without power losses between -55 and +65 degrees Celsius.

The Industry Problem

Many enterprises are entering the electric vehicle marketplace. To date, battery research has been focused on automobiles, which has spawned the introduction of electric cars onto mainstream streets. The batteries on which these cars run are specifically designed for the average sized car. Other batteries on the market are used to store renewable energy sources (i.e. solar, wind farms). In these cases, they are designed to be stationary, and charged and discharged at a lower rate (kWh).

For industrial equipment that is larger and heavier (20+ tons) than your average car (1-2 tons), automobile batteries simply do not work. Construction, agriculture and mining equipment needs a significant amount of power. These machines are very heavy, performing atypical work, equipped with hydraulics, operating on uneven roads and steep inclines, and moving earth, rock and other heavy loads. Needless to say, this is extremely demanding on power and autonomy – something the current market’s batteries cannot support.