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A Solid Strategy Rooted in Diversity

SDT is a private company with a diversified business portfolio that spans on three different industry sectors.

This corporate strategy provides long-term shareholder value and revenue streams from multiple sources. We are a revenue generating company with highly experienced teams and advisors who specialize in diverse technological fields.

SDT is a company that delivers long-term shareholder value for investors. With a focus on security, development, location, strategy, and growth, SDT engages with promising niche markets that reflect the highest standards in quality, service, and performance. As a private company with a strong, diversified portfolio spanning multiple industries, SDT continues to grow and develop effective, profitable solutions with an experienced team of advisors, engineers, and executives.

Sustainable Solutions for Growing Markets

SDT continues to invest in innovative services and technologies to provide customers with powerful tools to analyze, manage and improve the productivity of their operations. In the future, we expect significant revenue growth in the industrial markets that need our services. By entering these markets at an early stage, SDT is positioning itself in an advantageous position to deliver technological solutions in addition to its ongoing research and development in these areas. As a company focused on growth and improvement, we continue to strengthen our sales, responsiveness, acquisitions and innovation initiatives to better serve our global customers.


SDT makes numerous progress and development within the company.
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